Lorem Ipsum/DOL Differet Solmena

Separat existentie 2010 Unee MYT por scientie, musica, sport etc, litot Europa usa li sam Vocabular Lingues, differe solmen in li grammatica, li pronunciation. Delete this widget in Dashboard and add yours. This is just an example. Read More


 Alessandra Mijares-a 19 year old freelance mechanic with a passion for all things mechanical.

Noah St. James- a 21 year old eccentric young scientist with a mechanical arm.

Ches Kitenger- a cat animari who can turn into humanoid form with the help of the spiritrix.

Klaus- a 10 year old whiz kid with a knack for explosives.

Gnocci- a friendly Samoyed dog that turns into a demonic beast when agitated.

Artemis- Alessandra's tricked out moped that is enchanted by a flesh eating fairy.